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Changsha, Hunan Sheng - Esplora la località Property & Facility Management Full Time

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• 在暖通和弱电方面有一定的经验
• 了解PLC和变频器驱动
• 会使用计算机进行文档处理
• 有自动化设备维修的经验


• 日常设施设备的运行和维护
• 进行定期的预防性维护, 确保所有设备处在正常的工作状态
• 根据维护计划对设施进行检测检查,并作相应的记录
• 在日常检查和维修工作中对所发现的问题及时采取纠正和预防措施
• 遇到紧急维修状况时能及时响应
• 协调并监管供应商(外包商)在仓库内的维修工作或项目工程, 并进行验收已确保施工质量到达相关的质量标准和满足宜家的要求


Without us our many co-workers and customers wouldn’t have an IKEA to go to. We make sure to secure, build and maintain our physical locations - from stores to offices to factories – to meet the needs of the many people. Together we lead the way in delivering safe, compliant, sustainable, and innovative solutions for every property. And we feel a great sense of pride in seeing everything working smoothly!