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Sales Manager

Santiago del Cile, Regione Metropolitana di Santiago - Esplora la località Commerciale e Vendite Full Time

Descizione del ruolo

Position: Sales Manager

Direct Report: Store Manager

Based In: IKSO SpA

Company: IKSO SpA


Generate a pleasant, convenient and satisfying buying and selling experience that leads to increased sales and sustained long-term profitability, IKEA style. To lead and inspire the team to obtain satisfied customers in an efficient and effective way using all available means and sales channels in order to attract and encourage more customers to visit us more often and buy more. Work actively to fulfill the four tasks of the IKEA store:

- To act as a highly efficient and collaborative sales mechanism.

- Showcase home furnishing solutions full of inspiring home furnishing ideas.

- To serve as a well-qualified home furnishing specialist.

- To provide a day of rest for the whole family.

Key Responsibilities:

  •  Ensure a consistently positive experience for customers through all channels and ensure that the department is always dedicated to satisfying the three drivers of IKEA customers: "Is it worth it?", "Can I trust IKEA?" and "Are you offering me something of interest?"                                                                           
  •  Ensure that HFB managers distribute the right number of employees in the right place at the right time to manage the store successfully, ensure that employees are trained and ready to assist customers and help them to buy.                                                                       
  • Provide and lead the commercial action plan for the store; gathering input from the team and the matrix manager to ensure that the department collaborates in achieving the objectives set for the country, maximizing sales and generating sustainable profitability in the long term.                                                              
  • Guarantee proper implementation of national priorities and ensure that appropriate solutions have been shared and implemented. Ensure that HFB managers know and understand the multi-channel retail environment in which they work and know how to use it in the most commercially appropriate way for different customers.                                                                                                                                                         
  • Analyze qualitative store performance using IKEA research tools (Brand Capital, Cx-Pulse) to improve IKEA's "mechanical sales" system and to facilitate the purchasing process across all channels.                                                                       
  • Know the potential local market and collaborate with the team and other departments to ensure that the store is locally relevant in the different sales channels.                                                                                                                                                
  •  Monitor financial targets, KPIs, costs, and take action if deviations are observed. Motivate and encourage the development of team members by setting clear expectations and objectives and maintaining follow-up activities.                                                                                                                                                        
  •  Learn about IKEA's social and environmental commitments and how to contribute to sustainability.                                                                        
  •  Ensure mangers of your area have an understanding of the multichannel retail environment they are working in and know how to use this in the best and most commercial way for different customers.            
  • Lead and develop competent and high performing teams and leaders to support the business strategy.
  • Responsible for recruitment, development, performance management, retention and succession plans for coworkers directly in her or his team and promote a good team environment"  

Core Experience, Competences and Skills:

Relevant work experience and knowledge

  • Fluent in English both written and spoken.
  • Budget management (forecasting, goal setting, return on investment, profit and loss)                                         
  • An understanding of our local markets, including our customers and the strengths and weaknesses of our local competition. 
  •  Ability to quickly develop knowledge of the market and local business conditions.                  
  •  Sales management and how to work with the store layout as a sales tools.
  • University degree according to the position. 
  • Desirable experience in retail.               
  • Experience with strategic business planning.
  • People Management.                 
  • Experience in making business decisions based on local market information, understanding cause and effect of their decisions and establishing and implementing action plans, budgets and monitoring of objectives to positively influence results.                                                                        


  • Ability to understand customer needs in the seamless experience to challenge the common ways of thinking.                                                                                          
  • Good communication and influencing skills.                                                                 
  • Service-minded and collaborative thinking.                                                                                  
  • Strong ability to lead business and people together.                                                
  • Ability to understand the complexity of IKEA business and the different functions as an integrated part of the business.                                                                             
  • Ability to apply analytical and critical thinking to the process, being able to plan and maintain the work process.                                                                                            
  • Ability to identify needs and drive change within the organization acting in a multi-cultural, interdependent and matrix environments.                                      
  • Commercially driven and capable of contributing to the unit with commercial expertise as well as converting sales and marketing ideas into action plans.
  • Ability to deliver results by encouraging flexibility, speed and simplicity.

Motivated by

  • Genuine interest about home furnishing, people's life at home and the IKEA range of products and services.                                             
  • Enjoy developing IKEA business doing the best for customers in order to grow the long-term profitability with a costumer centric perspective.                                   
  • Eagerness to work in collaboration in a fast moving and changing environment.                      
  • Inspired by the IKEA vision "to create a better everyday life for the many people" and the IKEA culture and values.                                               
  • Passion to coach and mentor people to develop their potential and their assignment.
  • Passionate about fulfilling customer needs and expectations.                                             

If you believe you have the passion, values, skills and experience then we are waiting for your application!